Daily Stock Market Scorecard, 31st March 2020

Daily Stock Market Scorecard, 31st March 2020

What a quarter! The year commenced on a high with NSE ASI recording stellar performances to top global markets as best performing index for weeks back to back.

The market benefited from a liquidity surge arising from poor T-bill rates that positioned the equities market as the only destination for real returns.

Then came a ‘liquidity burst’, the CBN turned up on 24th January to arrest over N800 billion from the system with an increase in CRR from 22.5% to 27.5%. The increase stifled the flow of cheap funds into the equities market, leading to eight consecutive trade days of losses.

Then came Corona … what a quarter!

Today, the All Share-Index (ASI) declined by0.14%to nail its first-quarter performance at -20.65%.

Market Breadth: Investors continue to take bullish positions in the shares of healthcare companies in anticipation of the impact of CBN’s intervention package dedicated to the sector. See the list of top gainers or losers below:
Market Turnover: Turnover declined by 9.62% in volume and 10.81% in value. See top 10 traded stocks below:

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