Decentralization of Financial Transactions: Can, Stellar, and XRP Delineate Crypto Verse?

Decentralization of Financial Transactions: Can, Stellar, and XRP Delineate Crypto Verse?

Since the year 2009, the world has witnessed a drastic shift from traditional currencies to digital ones – popularly known as cryptocurrencies. The advent of Bitcoin marked the beginning of a new era of decentralized digital currencies.

For starters, cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange which uses cryptography to secure and verify transactions and to control the creation of new units.

Unlike traditional currencies, this new one operates independently of a central bank and is decentralized; irrespective of a central controlling authority. However, this anonymity of transactions leaves room for many people to question the security of this digital age currency.

Thus, it becomes essential for us to examine this view before diving head-first into this opportunistic investment realm.

Decentralization has indeed been a buzzword in the financial industry but before you question its reliability, read this out!

Now it might come as a surprise but decentralization of financial transactions enhances security in reality. Rather than putting the authority in the hands of a single unit, decentralization distributes power and decision-making among the network, storing the transaction records on a network of computers rather than in a single place.

This drastically reduces the risk of fraud and hacking since the distributed ledger technology makes the records less sacred. Now that this concern is winded down, let’s set you up for crypto success!

Currently, three cryptos are doing rounds in the crypto market, namely, Stellar (XLM), and Ripple (XRP). Let’s find out more about these cryptos and why they are the must-have digital currencies in your crypto wallet! 

Stellar – The Crypto Star

Stellar (XLM) is an open-source, decentralized blockchain network that was created in the year 2014. Its primary aim is to make transactions faster, more secure, and cost-effective.

True to its aim, Stellar works at a lightning speed and each transaction takes only about 3-5 seconds to process!

Stellar’s native currency is Lumens (XLM) and currently, in an extremely bearish market, XLM is one of the few cryptos that are showing drastic gains.

In the last seven days, XLM registered 21.5% gains which are massive as compared to the crashing conditions of the market.

This depicts that Stellar truly has a bright future in the crypto market! 

XRP – The Ripple That’s Creating Ripples

Similar to Stellar, XRP is also a crypto that was designed to resolve the issues of slow transactions.

This crypto made its debut in the year 2012 and since then, it has successfully managed to make its way to the chart of the top cryptos.

Its technology uses a consensus algorithm to validate transactions which allow faster and more secure transactions.

Similar to the former, this crypto is also doing exceptionally well in the bearish crypto market by registering bullish gains.

In the last seven days, this heroic crypto has managed to register 24.17% gains! – Leading the Start of a New Era 

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What makes distinctive from other cryptos is that it doesn’t ask for any sort of upfront investment/payment to become a part of its community.

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