Developer Partnership in Fasmicro Android App Store


Since we launched Fasmicro Android App Store yesterday, we have received many inquiries from developers in Nigeria in how they can partner with Fasmicro. So, it is necessary  that we put this statement out:


Fasmicro has a formalized partnership structure which has been proven for months now. There are many companies in this midst. If you want to partner with us, download that form, complete and sign and email to the corporate email.


We welcome apps from developers to host on our store, provided that you own 100% of the intellectual property. There are other forms you will have to sign. Follow the format in our store, the key difference is that your name will be the creator, instead of Fasmicro. You are free to setup your price and we will negotiate our commissions, with you. We require that you have a mechanism to activate the app after payment so that you will know how many apps have been sold. Reconciliation must be done electronically and building that in your app is mandatory. We will not accept apps whose owner cannot track how many that have been bought, independently.


A local app store will remain popular in Nigeria simply on the strength that not many people have access to credit or debit cards to shop at Android Market.


We welcome you and invite you to the future.

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