Did An Interview With Johns Hopkins University Magazine Team

Did An Interview With Johns Hopkins University Magazine Team

I did an interview with my alma mater – The Johns Hopkins University – last week. Yes, the world’s finest university where PhD students create their courses because there is no credit requirements to earn a PhD in that university. You decide what interests you – and go ahead and map your future. But through a well-crafted system, the first university in the U.S. to offer a graduate program will ensure you are prepared. 

Here, I have shared my experiences for those that may want to apply therein. The #1 rule is that they will not admit you for PhD unless they have funding for you. Simply, they want their junior scholars to focus on finding cure to diseases over getting distracted by what to eat or how to pay rent. 

I will share the interview when it runs.

My Experience in the World’s Finest University as it Transformed Me From a Dreamer into a Maker

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