Discover The Mines of Knowledge – Join Me On This Excursion

Discover The Mines of Knowledge – Join Me On This Excursion

Besides the systems and processes, on actualizing accomplished careers, we do know that we need luck (yes, grace). Interestingly, preparing and fertilizing some necessary tools can make that luck work out faster. There is time for accumulation of capabilities, and there is a moment for monetizing those capabilities. Just as nations rise when they generate, accumulate and deploy knowledge (not just find oil wells or gold mines), your 2020 can become great when you acquire some unique capabilities which are evidently non-common. Build mines of knowledge (click and read it) and advance! I will be taking many on excursions on discovering those mines; join me and register.

From the Babylonian Empire to the American empire of today, when you win on Knowledge, you win on economy and human development. Babylon (today’s Iraq) used to be an intellectual domain. When Islam was founded in the 7th century, there were many intellectuals that actually helped. Abu Ja’far al-Khwarizmi, the Father of Algebra, lived in Baghdad and was known to travel to Mecca to help fix mathematical puzzles. He built the foundations of modern Algebra.


There is hard evidence that when nations build mines of knowledge, they prosper. Over the last 500 years, productivity increase has driven GDP (gross domestic product) growths across nations. When nations improve their productivity capabilities, they always experience expansion in GDPs. And when GDPs expand, the results have correlated with higher standard of living. Higher standard of living is better living welfare for citizens.

Discover the mines…Build the mines..with me.

Mines of Knowledge

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One thought on “Discover The Mines of Knowledge – Join Me On This Excursion

  1. As always, rather than fighting to be known, bribing people to hail and shout your name, just deploy those curiosity, energy and resources in trying to know; because when you know, you will be known.

    To study means to commit to industry, a habit and an attitude you must never allow yourself to be found wanting.

    The Intellectual World is bigger than the Physical World, without accumulating and dominating the former, you will remain invisible in the latter.

    Your mind must take you far beyond what your eyes can see, keep it infinite and elastic; you will never be exhausted!

    Keep them coming…


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