Do Not Doubt The Promises of Tomorrow. #TakeAction. And #Believe.

Do Not Doubt The Promises of Tomorrow. #TakeAction. And #Believe.

Create that future and believe in the promises of the tomorrow as you sojourn on your career. In the deepest of the night, it takes a ray of sunlight for that curtain to fade. If you are a student, the challenge is to get the best from school despite any obstacle. Look into the horizon and see the promises of good grades. Some say grades do not matter – they are wrong.

Grades measure your focus, tenacity and commitment to set an objective and accomplish it. That your “A” is a validation you can have a WIN. The letter means nothing but the process is what matters. That process shapes you to make As in life!

Many years ago, a young man joined us in Diamond Bank Lagos. He received his first paycheck. I saw him crying – and I asked him what was happening. He told “Somebody, I could have missed this pay if my circumstances had resulted in dropping out of school”. He went to narrate how he ate once for 6 months! I responded, “Pally, that was history, now you can feed a small village. Most here have similar experiences”.

Do not doubt the promises of tomorrow. #TakeAction. And #Believe.


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One thought on “Do Not Doubt The Promises of Tomorrow. #TakeAction. And #Believe.

  1. You will never be judged by what you don’t have or never had, but the very thing you have/had, and what you were able to do with it.

    Complaining or giving excuses is the easiest thing to do in life, it requires no mastery or tactics, just declare that nothing is working, and you have passed.

    If you receive everything you desire, without asking or working for it, don’t you think that you would be dumber than a rock? You learn to improvise only when there is lack, the brain is never put to a great use if you have everything.

    When you work hard for something but still don’t get it, that is when you acquire some of the finest virtues: humility, patience, perseverance, hope, etc. It teaches you that you cannot always succeed in everything or get what you want; but without encountering difficulties or disappointments, you might erroneously and ignorantly believe that everything in life is straightforward.

    How many people in this world have exhausted just twenty percent of their talents and capabilities? Yet you see billions of people giving you the impression that they are worthless. If you cannot be great in doing small things, what makes you think you could be spectacular when given once in a lifetime opportunity?

    Be useful!


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