Tekedia Institute Unveils A Digital Career Center

Tekedia Institute Unveils A Digital Career Center

Greetings. We are excited to announce that Tekedia Institute has unveiled Tekedia Career Center. This Center which is hosted in Tekedia Hub is the Institute’s resource ecosystem for our members to access relevant career development support. 

Through it, we will connect our partners with our members and network of alumni. Our goal is to create a strong network of relationships with learners, alumni, recruiters, faculty, and all stakeholders in our Institute. In the Hub, the handle is @career. We will use this handle to offer many services including mentoring, career guidance, career support, resume review support, etc.

Please like the page – https://hub.tekedia.com/career. It is built to support career aspirations. In Tekedia Institute, career is not just about jobs, but development, fulfillment, and more. Our vision is to help our members become better innovators and growth champions in companies they work, by supporting them on their career journeys. 

Last year, we organized Tekedia Career Week and brought HR directors from leading companies like Coca Cola and Jobberman, to speak to our community on career planning. This year’s Career Week is coming in Q4.

We wish you a profitable week.


Tekedia Team

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