Do Not Remove The LADDER After Using It

Do Not Remove The LADDER After Using It

Do not remove this LADDER after you have used it to climb. The January day I landed at JFK New York airport, from Nigeria, for the first time in America, was the day I knew that the tallest mountain you have climbed is simply a starting base for another taller mountain! And if others remove the next ladder, you can’t make progress.

Ladder – as you climb it, remember there is a base. Before you took that first step, someone positioned or supported it, for you. It takes a man who has risen to the highest of mountains to appreciate the lowest of valleys. Extend the hands, while on that ladder, and get more to climb, to take the next step up. It does not make you lesser human or lesser focused-professional.

Simply, our best is the wish that everyone rises, and not just one rises. It was always a beauty, as a village boy, those days, when the iroko sang, and villagers assembled, and the elders began by reminding us: “to keep this village clean, everyone must join the sweeping”.

Ladder – do not climb alone.


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