Don’t Just #EndSARS. Do This Instead

Don’t Just #EndSARS. Do This Instead

Besides  police brutality, which has no place in modern society and rightfully deserves all the calls for reform, there’s a growing paralysis which should have no place in modern society as well: Young people who have talent but struggle endlessly because the environment is a killer of talent.

The talents of youths can transform even the worst economic conditions. But that’s when the environment encourages individuals to do so.

More than ever, there are young graduates that are available to transform our society. And more than ever, we are having more youths who have continued to search endlessly for a chance to prove their worth. But the excuse we get is that “they are half baked graduates. Not employable.” Whose fault?

There’s a need for urgent reform in youth development. Can’t we really arrest the paralysis in our education system? It can be done if it’s admitted that enough hasn’t been done for the present generation of young people in Nigeria.

In the 1940s-1960s, young people (men and women who were less than fifty years) were leading socio-economic and political transformation in Africa. They did so because the system of that time provided room for that. Sadly, in the place of the esteemed perception that was held about young thriving youths is the ugly suspicion that now rides the handling of young people. To force men, a young tech entrepreneur that manages to achieve a decent status is either a criminal suspect or a yahoo star suspect. The many cases of police men assaulting innocent citizens, because they happen to look good comes handy. This is however not to excuse bad folks who dupe other people on the internet though. It’s rather to ask that the words of respected leaders like Peter Obi, should be listened to. Obi had called on the government to increase its investment in education, during a recent lecture delivered at UNN.

Invest in youths, in education, so that the talents of youths are properly harnessed for national growth and improvement of the standard of living of young people and seniors. Don’t end anti-robbery and related crimes law enforcement. Reform it and declare an emergency in youth development.

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