The Higher Mentors

The Higher Mentors

They were men of great capabilities. They excelled in their fields. They were masters of waters, having core competencies in navigating sea waves as fishermen. But one day, they were on the Sea of Galilee, legendary for its shallow depth – the lowest freshwater and second-lowest lake on earth. Fed by River Jordan, with the Golan Heights by the side, a wave easily gathered momentum, causing problems along the paths.

On that day, the disciples, masters of waters, had their capabilities tested.  Four of them were recruited by Christ while working on that very Sea. The waves were ferocious. Yet,  the men trusted their skills. Then, they gave up, and asked for help. “Peace be still” were the words, and the storm stopped.

Our education, networks, and experiences are things we cherish. We use them to navigate careers. But there are things so powerful: preventing storms or when they do happen, having higher mentors (or plans) to stop them.

Today’s labour market is like the Sea of Galilee. Tech-driven dislocation and globalization are major challenges. We  require alternate plans just in case the skills become momentarily unhelpful just as the fishermen saw themselves nearly imperiled in a sea. But they were lucky, they were in good company, and the men of waters were saved in water.

Invest to be in the right company!

Note: I have used this story to teach and preach many times. My typical title is “Where is your confidence?”. My focus usually is to call people to the path of humility, as even the things we think we are best on, can disappoint us. Yes, our degrees, our skills, etc could disappoint just as fishermen were nearly imperield in waters. If we know that, how we relate with people will change. Yes, we become humble, with decency and honour, because a storm can change anything. But a higher Mentor becomes our confidence.

Bible: Mark 4:35-41


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One thought on “The Higher Mentors

  1. The quality of people you have in your network should be your greatest asset. When you have someone who can simplify seemingly complex situation, or bring clarity when confusion and trepidation are the only available currency in your vaults.

    Getting some of them might not be easy or could cost a fortune, initially, but once you have them within your orbit, everything becomes easier. Your calls will no longer be busied or scheduled, they will always be available whenever you come calling.

    When everything seems to be crashing, you need the wise voice of someone who doesn’t see or think like you; but you must know them beforehand, and not when you are already under water.

    Nice piece.


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