DSN to Publish (Sept 1) the Most Important AI Use Cases Book for Africa

DSN to Publish (Sept 1) the Most Important AI Use Cases Book for Africa

Data Science Nigeria (DSN) is compiling one of the finest AI books you would read so far as it concerns Africa. It is a brilliant piece coming out on Sept 1, 2018. I wrote the Foreword which I began thus:

Many centuries ago, during the great debate of the material components of the universe, a period of fundamental knowledge generation and accumulation, in which some of the finest philosophers and thinkers like Thales, Heraclitus and Pythagoras participated, the world was explained. Pythagoras postulated that the world is made up of numbers, implying that everything we do is about numbers. Largely, across markets and industrial sectors, and in our personal lives, every human and business activity comes down to numbers. It could be click analysis, videoes, sleep or practically anything; behind all is numbers.

This is to get you expecting. Yes, after reading this book, you will have many insights on how you can play a role in the AI-first startup world which is emerging. I am not aware of any better AI ecosystem in Africa than the DSN movement.


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