[Editorial] Lessons From IBM, Intel Funded Nanotech Hub In New York – Nigeria Needs IBM Engineers, Not Just Salesmen

Five computer chipmakers, including IBM and Intel will create a nanotechnology hub in New York, Bloomberg reports. They are committing $4.4 billion over five years for the venture. One part of the project led by IBM will spend $3.6 billion to develop two next-generation computer chips that will be used in supercomputers and consumer electronics. The other parts will focus on silicon wafers which are used to create integrated circuits or microchips.

The venture plans to develop technologies to increase the size of standard wafers which could double the number of chips cut from each wafer and lower prices.  For New York, the investment by the companies will result in 6,900 jobs either retained or created.

Tekedia has a simple question to Nigerian leaders: we need a solution and effort like this, led by some of the MNCs in the nation. We need to create the ecosystem that will drive them to see value in the country through quality education and solid infrastructure. Until the nation does that, we may not attract this type of investment – only the sales men from IBM and Intel will be coming to our nation.

Nigeria needs more IBM and Intel engineers than their salesmen. A  $1 billion investment to fund a center like this will create jobs and opportunities than selling IBM servers and Intel chips will not do in ten years. Time is running out because very soon, everything will go to Kenya and Ghana. We need to bargain as Brazil is doing by asking companies to invest in the nation, than selling. Apple listened and through Foxconn invested billions just to have access to the Brazilian market.


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