Fasmicro To Hold Joint Press Conference With Imo State Government – Oct 6th

First Atlantic Semiconductors and Microelectronics (Fasmicro – site under construction, be ready tomorrow), our parent company, will hold a joint press conference with Imo State Government, Nigeria on Thursday, October 6, 2011 in Owerri. On  Sept 9, 2011, Fasmicro signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the state. More than 18 journalists are coming and Fasmicro and the state will unveil a new partnership where the government is using a Nigerian company to build the state.

We must confess that nothing was more stressful than hosting the officials last week as they worked the final stage of the qualification process. Good enough, we passed. They liked our relationships with universities and top companies as well our international network. Fasmicro is an official business partner of Federal University of Technology Consult Ltd which provides access to top FUTO professors for our engagements.

We will assist the new administration to position the state as a center of technology and innovation in the nation through advisory, training and other services. Our core responsibility  will be to help develop a project which we cannot reveal now. It is poised to become the most ambitious technology and entrepreneurship roadmap ever in the history of Nigeria with budgets in millions of dollars.

As we continue to deliver niche and hi-tech products and services, we will remain focused to serve our clients.  Two other states are also working with us to assist them in the hi-tech arena; we hope to complete the arrangement very soon. For our Public Sector business, please call our Owerri office and speak with Victor. Victor recently returned from  France after a six week training and he knows business and technology and most especially how to plan cities.

We also use this medium to announce that Clam Magazine, published in Paris, has awarded us the job to structure their digital assets – films and video. We will revamp the websites and help position them in the digital ecosystem. An Irish client who wants anonymity praised us for a recent job we did. He is bringing more.

P.S. Fasmicro.com is being redesigned. We will complete that tomorrow.

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