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Even without Coding, You have a Role in Tech Sector

Even without Coding, You have a Role in Tech Sector

In a piece where I noted that opportunities abound in the technology industry even for those who do not code, someone commented on LinkedIn thus:

“Not everyone must code” I’m taking that with me. I’m a Sage Software Consultant, many a times my friends when I’m with friends, they’re always saying “Guy, develop your own business management software” but they don’t understand it’s not just developing, you need to sell too. Make money from it, that’s when it makes sense.

The point made in that comment is huge. Most times, the greatest value is not created in the technology but in the services which the technology powers. As I noted in the earlier piece which was actually from an old piece in the Harvard Business Review, you can have a great career if you excel in the other elements besides coding.

Before “Intel Inside”, Intel chips were just like other microprocessors in the world. In a world of slow dot matrix printers, someone coined HP LaserJet, giving that illusion that printing could be fast.

As you pursue your career, always remember that not everyone needs to be a techie. The guy that coined “Intel Inside” transformed Intel and made it the undisputed leader because people actually wanted the PCs and laptops with Intel inside. The world of microprocessor became Intel’s. HP became the printer company.

I will explain that point by using the smiling curve. Accenture derives more value from digital technology than most companies that make computers [check the revenues and gross margins]. Accenture is playing at the edges of the smiling curve. If you use farming for illustration, the best farmers are not those in the farms but the commodity traders who are waging billions of dollars in Wall Street with commissions that can buy any farm they want. Yes, they are not farmers but they are getting the best out of farming. The same applies in technology. That you do not code does not mean there is no opportunity [sure, if you code, you have an edge at the entry level].

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In this videocast, I make a case why Nigeria must look beyond the center as it works to develop a homegrown manufacturing plan. Manufacturing is critical for job creation but using the Smiling Curves, there are many other elements in commerce that must be enabled for a strong economic system. If you neglect those elements, you just keep being busy while other countries get all the values. We use cases of banking and publishing to support our thesis for a new plan that is wholistic, beyond the ability to make just pencils and toothpicks in Nigeria. We need to build brands and create original ideas.

All together, the key is to find something you can do better than many. If you passionately elevate the game, your world will discover you and you will find success.


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  1. Hmmm. This is amazing Prof. I agree with you 100%. Nigeria has to move beyond manufacturing to creating ideas, patent, marketing and opportunities while leveraging the power of the internet. This was like a dream i have had in the past. Very scary.

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