Excellent Guidelines For Informal Team Formation

As we celebrate Garag48 in Nigeria,  we stumbled upon one really nice document they developed on how to work in teams, especially when there is no formal structure. This is a good document our budding entrepreneurs must look at. If you follow these guidelines, you will have success:


1. Set basic rules for team and project

Arrange a team meeting, be open and ask for every team members to describe their plans and commitment about the project. You can call this team members “commitment agreement”.

2. Intellectual Property and core team

Idea itself has usually little value. The Garage48 project result belongs to the whole team. If you really feel there is business potential, then form an active and skilled core team, who is really ready to work hard.

3. Time flies – just do it!

First 4-6 weeks is the most critical period after Garage48. If your product does not get passionate followers and decent user base, then most likely you are already failed.

4. Product strategy: Less is more

48 hours is great challenge to keep the focus. You just can’t go wrong, otherwise you wouldn’t be ready. Keep that in mind in the future. Don’t lose your product focus.

5. Bootstrap and develop the product!

Your goal is to develop the product and please your users. In today’s online world, you mostly need passionate team and a great vision. You don’t need big money to prove the concept.

What is Garage48?

Garage48 allows people to turns cool ideas into working products and services just in 48 hours. Teams are formed organically based on 1 minute pitches. The whole process involves lot of surprises and unpredictable. Many people come to Garage48 to have fun, get something ready, boost their motivation and find new contacts. Some people come for building a real business. 




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