FA1210C – Fasmicro Motion Control And Instrumentation IC Is Back From Foundry

Today, Fasmicro has begun testing the FA1210C, an advanced motion control and instrumentation IC for applications in medical, robotics, security systems,  instrumentation and controls, among others. We will report preliminary data within the next two weeks in a datasheet. The photo above is one taken from a microscope. The chip is packed in LCC package.


Fasmicro is structured to become a design house and perhaps the best that will be out of Africa. We are very excited that opportunities are aligning themselves. We are ramping contract and advisory services from national labs and agencies on microelectronics.


These services will continue to deepen. There are two key strategies we have: One is to enable a total diffusion of design of microchips in Africa and another to facilitate the incubation process by enabling African companies to go into IC design. Doing that involves world class training services on CMOS technologies and general mixed signal design.


We had a great last week and we will report on a huge progress we sealed with the #1 CAD maker in the world for the universities in Africa. We hope to take the vision to schools and help to create the foundation for sustainable prosperity.


For more information on how you can work with Fasmicro on your national and school semiconductor business, contact us at any of our addresses here.


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