Fasmicro Products and Services – Microelectronics and Embedded Systems CAD, Labware, and Tools

These are some products and services from Fasmicro


Support & Supplies
(CAD, lab tools, equipment, etc)

We supply and/or support all common microelectronics or semiconductor labware. These include microelectronics CAD tools, oscilloscope, function generators, meters, power supplies, silicon wafers, etc. Upon supply, our engineers will train your staff on how to use them. Depending on volume bought from us, we will provide free two-day offsite training on these equipment and tools. .

In this segment, we provide the following services, among others:

  • Acquisition of CAD tools and management of licensing
  • Purchase of labware, hardware, and related software
  • We support and maintain the systems, based on agreement

Here are some of the tools and equipment we supply and support:


Major CAD software

Cadence, Mento Graphics, Synopsis & Tanner


Hardware, Labware, etc

FPGA, DSP controllers, GPIB interface card, switches, development boards,UBICOM SX, NIDAQ, MPLAB IDE

• Scanning tunneling microscope STM/NT-MDT
• Atomic force microscope AFM/Veeco CPII
• SEM attachment for e-beam writing (Elphy/Raith)
• Automatic Dicing Saw, model DAD 321
• Equipment for optical measurements
– Laser (at 325nm)
– Detector (600-1600nm)
– UV/VIS lamp with monochromator
• Vector Network Analyser (VNA-Anritsu system)
• 12 ton heated press by Carver for microfluidics bonding and simple hot embossing experiments
• Fume Hood and Vacuum Oven (Lindberg Blue VO914A)
• Hewlett Packard 4278A 1 kHz/1 MHz Capacitance Meter
• Hewlett Packard 3488A – Switch Matrix


Supporting CAD software

PCB, FPGA, SUGAR, NODAS, Hamster, Matlab, C++ compilers

Process and device modeling software
– SILVACO Software (Athina, Atlas)
– Suprem and Pisces
– Floops and floods
– Software for MEMs modeling &  simulation
– Coventorware


Test equipment

Function/logic generator, spectrum analyzer, microscope, air station, signal generators, network analyzer, sampling scopes, power meters, probe stations, microwabe probe stations, test boards, NIDAQ, soldering stations, heat chambers, power supplies, multimeter, frequency counter, noise generator


Probe Station, Characterization and Testing

• Electrical characterization equipment
– Karl Suss PA150 semi-automatic probe station
– Karl Suss manual probe station
– Micromanipulator probe station
– RF probe station
– HP measuring systems (4142B, 4084B, 8110A, 700i series, 4140B, 4284, 4192A, 34401, 16500A)
– Keithley measuring equipment (230, 220, 617, 195A, 6517A)
– Tektronix 224J Oscilloscope
– Oxford optistat Cryostat for temperatures in the range 4.2-320 K.
– Oxford DN cryostat for temperatures in the range 77-500 K
• Optical characterization equipment
– Multiwavelength Spectroscopic Ellipsometer
– FTIR system, model Tensor 27 of Bruker
– Jobin Yvon spectrometer, wavelengths 300-1600 nm
– Argon Laser
– Oxford optistat Cryostat, 4.2-320 K
– Emission spectroscopy set-up for electroluminescence measurements: USB-2000 spectrometer (Ocean Optics)
• Morphology, structural characterization
– Leo 440 SEM
– AFM (Veeco CP-II), STM (NT-MDT)
– Stylus profilometer model XP-2 of Ambios Technology
• Testing equipment
– Systems for testing of gas flow, gas, pressure, acceleration and humidity sensors


Equipped with (I) Silicon processing laboratory equipped with the following
– 4 laminar flow chemical benches
– 7 horizontal hot-wall furnace tubes
– 2 horizontal LPCVD tubes for nitride, oxide (TEOS), polysilicon
– 1 horizontal LPCVD tube for LTO
– Ion Implanter (EATON medium current, 200 KeV)
– Optical lithography systems (resolution down to 0,6 ?m)
– Electron beam lithography system (resolution 50 nm)
– Reactive Ion Etcher
– Metallization equipment (thermal, e-gun evaporation, sputtering)
– Process inspection equipment – High Density Plasma Etcher
– Different thin film deposition systems
• Sputtering



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