Federal Institute of Industrial Research, Nigeria Is Your Industrial Accelerator

The primary objective of Federal Institute of Industrial Research, Oshodi (FIIRO) is to assist in accelerating the industrialization of Nigerian economy through finding industrial utilization for the country’s raw materials and upgrading indigenous production techniques.  Besides, some government agencies and non-government international organisations occasionally commission the Institute to carry out research works .

Some services:

Apart from its in-house R & D activities, the Institute renders services within the framework of its technical capability and cooperation with the public. Through these services, it puts its human resources and expertise, as well as its infrastructural facilities, at the disposal of real and prospective industrialists within and outside Nigeria. Thus it assists them in solving their problems concerning raw materials, process know-how, machinery and equipment, etc. The services rendered to the public and external corporate organisations are:

  • Sponsored research
  • Contract research
  • Analytical services
  • Consultancy services
  • Engineering services
  • Technology transfer (Licensing, group and individual training, capital acquisition and training)
  • Industrial extension services
  • Textile testing and quality control
  • Technological and industrial information sourcing and supply.


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