Xrystalgenius – Intelligent By Design. A Kenyan Mobile Startup

Xrystalgenius is a mobile startup that was created by a team of four young entrepreneurial mobile technology enthusiasts. Its main aim is to make a difference in mobile education, mobile payments, entertainment and society. We wish to provide African solutions to problems both in Africa and beyond. We believe that of all technologies that have ever been invented, nothing has a wider reach in Africa and the world over as the mobile phone. We believe that some of the world’s core problems have solutions hidden in technologies around us and it up to us to sit down and dig up those solutions.



iCheki is a mobile and desktop application that is meant to track vehicles.

Pamoja is an award-winning mobile based event management system..

Safaritales is a mobile tour guide that targets tourists visiting distant countries


The Leader

Alex Nyika: Alex Nyika has been the driving force behind Xrystalgenius since its inception in June 2010. Alex’s outgoing personality positions him as the perfect liaison between the team’s engineering talent and the outside world — including investors, Kenya’s growing entrepreneurship community, and a growing list of international contacts. By developing multiple mobile business ideas in parallel, Alex has aggressively positioned Xrystalgenius to be competitive in recent entrepreneurship competitions. Much of the group’s success can be attributed to his hard work.


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