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First Transfer of a Sino Amazon / Sinosignia product successful

First Transfer of a Sino Amazon / Sinosignia product successful

We are very happy that the first Sino Amazon / Sinosignia has been successfully transferred to its new owner.

The first transfer of ownership of a Sino Amazon has successfully taken place with a mint to OP. (Optimism)
It now displays on Opensea.

To view on Opensea CLICK HERE

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The two parts of the product ( the NFT image higher up, minted to OP, and the Web 3 domain [token] above) have been successfully paired.

This can be examined by checking the Niami system (niami.io) for xn--xx2k.

Niami reveals the embedded txt record of the Web 3 domain (token) which is the ‘0x’ hash of the Sino Amazon (a mint as an NFT type token of the female warrior image higher up).

Handshake is an almost direct copy of the Bitcoin blockchain – but since Bitcoin has attracted institutional investors like Blackrock and JP Morgan, supplying a financial product called an ‘ETF’ future costs associated with building off Bitcoin are uncertain.

Handshake is equally as secure as the Bitcoin Blockchain and never been hacked. So we can use the OP (Optimism) mint for the Sino Amazon, for ubiquity, while the Handshake blockchain side takes care of security and has a restoration path, if the OP side ever gets hacked.

For all the ‘down the rabbit hole’ folk that really, really want to know, the OP mint is ERC-1155. But because of the security on the Handshake side, it really doesn’t matter. Whatever is cheapest to mint is ok in this case.

But we don’t need to mention – combined, its just a great product – A high quality piece of art that has been through multiple AI solutions and manual adjustments…

Combined with a fully functional single character Top Level Web 3 Domain – quote Niami ‘Handshake TLDs are open for anyone to register, transparent for anyone to audit, and extensible for uses from domain names to wallet names to usernames’

You can also signal your ownership of a Sinosignia to your community by wearing it as a tattoo just as the Sino Amazons do!

There is still a few things to do before the product line can be offered at scale.

The normal ‘run’ of the series is 1000 and we did an ‘over-run’ of 109, which Sino Amazon 1070 is from.

One of the things is a HIP (Handshake Improvement Proposal), just to standardize the protocol for the embedded text that links the Sino Amazon and Sinosignia tokens.

Anybody that is familiar with Ethereum will have seen ‘EIP’ before. It’s quite similar.

As an aside – There are around 70 people outstanding who are entitled to the ‘celebratory shares’ since our celebration last year, and our release of 9ja Cosmos as an ‘extra sovereign’ business incorporated with blockchain tokens as shares.

The remaining inertia seems to be a reluctance to install or sign up to a HNS compatible wallet or market system. Wallets like Best Wallet, Coinbase, MetaMask and Trust Wallet are not very good at providing accounts for systems outside the EVM Compatible space.

With the EVM compatible space becoming ever increasingly more hacker friendly, assets that won’t reside in the same wallets as them, isn’t a bad thing. But some people will need to come out of their comfort zone to explore wallet types that accommodate more exotic assets.

Remember that part of you that took bold steps to embrace cryptocurrency and/or NFTs?

Maybe some of you have forgotten who that person is, and are now sticking to a few things you learned rather than continuing on that voyage of discovery. For this, you might need to wake that person in you again.

We also have some of that over-run that we might decide to airdrop. Sino Amazons / Sinosignias are very unique and this dual ecosystem approach hasn’t been done before.

Get a HNS compliant wallet… some FOMO is healthy!

9ja Cosmos is here…

Get your .9jacom and .9javerse Web 3 domains  for $2 at:

.9jacom Domains

.9javerse Domains

Visit 9ja Cosmos LinkedIn Page

Visit 9ja Cosmos Website

Preview our Sino Amazon/Sinosignia releases

A Handshake Improvement Proposal is a technical document that attempts to standardize a feature or protocol extension across the Handshake Ecosystem. It should be implementation-agnostic. Those wishing to propose a specific change should open an issue or pull request in the appropriate repository on Github. HIPs are not consensus, they are not law, they may never be actually implemented in production. HIPs are just solutions to common problems the Handshake Developer Community can use as a reference in their own projects. They may change over time, or be replaced with newer HIPs.

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