How to fix iPhone 7 Plus ‘Emergency iPhone needs to cool down’ Error

How to fix iPhone 7 Plus ‘Emergency iPhone needs to cool down’ Error

We just survived the Samsung Galaxy-gate with the phones turning into small firecrackers in users’ pockets. Now the iPhone is extending the party.

If you just bought a new iPhone 7 Plus, congrats. But watch out, there is a problem many users are reporting. It is related to the camera hardware in the phone. Visit this Reddit thread entitled iPhone 7 Plus Cameras are Dying to read teryakiwok:

‘I opened up the camera app only to be met with a black image preview, sometimes I can get an image however it’s either tinted green or purple and was once accompanied by a screen stating ‘Emergency iPhone needs to cool down’ when the handset wasn’t even slightly warm.’

This is not an isolated case. Others have reported this problem. It is called Emergency iPhone needs to cool down’  Error.
What do you do if you phone shows this problem? Simply return the phone. Do not attempt to do any fixing. Visit the exact office where your bought the new shiny iPhone and get your money back. That is the only solution right now until Apple has an alternative.
Tips, a free iPhone manager for you to manage and fix iPhone 7 problems.

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