Fly Green Africa Airways – Unlock Africa’s Intra-Trade and Advance Nigeria

Fly Green Africa Airways – Unlock Africa’s Intra-Trade and Advance Nigeria

Good People, please do not bother reminding me why the Green Africa Airways – Boeing deal will not work. Your comment is not overly appreciated even though I respect your right to write it. For me to post that, I did many things including reading the press release on Boeing website. And Reuters reported same. This is not fake news – if you have any problem, write Boeing and Reuters, not me. I know you would not bother to ask Green Africa!

Boeing Co and Nigeria’s Green Africa Airways have committed for up to 100 737 MAX 8 aircraft, in a deal that carries a list price of $11.7 billion, Reuters reports. Boeing has it on its website

Also, I am not sure if this news was reported for a foreigner, not a fellow Nigerian, that most would have reacted so dismissively. People, we need to grow up. Why are we pessimistic in this nation? We roll red carpets for foreigners but when it is our own, we write them off?

Sure Green Africa Airways can fail but we NEED to give the guys the chance to try. Get this from me – it takes more than PowerPoint to get Boeing to post that on its website. The team had at least done something and they deserve support.

For those asking why they did not bring the aircraft assembly in Nigeria, why not you do it yourself? Green Africa has chosen what it wants to do; you can do what it left out. It is free enterprise – everyone is invited.

Green Africa fly >> we need more. We need more because I hate flying into Europe before I can move from one African capital to another. If Green Africa wants to fix that, I am in. Fixing Africa’s paralysis on intra-trade is an important element if we hope to grow our economies. Aviation is a key component of that redesign.

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