Follow These Simple New IBM Steps for Your Partner Strategy

Follow These Simple New IBM Steps for Your Partner Strategy

Finally, IBM grew, again, last quarter. That is very exciting. Over the quarters, as an IBM PartnerWorld member through my Milonics Analytics, we have seen razor-focused commitment of the iconic American company in making sure that partners win. Today, it shared this non-confidential message [see below] to partners on its redesigned partner strategy. I would adopt it, as I do most times, in my own products which I also engage partners [In short, the channel strategy for our cybersecurity business, Facyber, mirrors IBM’s]. You can learn some new things on how to build your partner strategy therein. That “Offer alternative routes to market through Third-Party Marketplaces” is key: you do not need to have 37 branches to serve Nigeria today. You need to find how 3rd party marketplaces can drive your growth, anchored by the unbounded Internet.

In a board strategy session yesterday here in Nigeria, I told a client that it was a very wrong metric, to think that having more branches for the business is a sign of success. We saw the expanding branches as deficiency on strategic capabilities to exploit the inherent features of the modern digital world which would reduce cost even when bringing operational simplicity. So, for some businesses [again, some businesses], do not think that you are doing well because you are adding more branches. IBM is reducing cost through channels.

I am pushing that small companies in countries like Mali, Gambia, Sierra Leone and Liberia can look up to Nigerian companies as their own “America” to strike channel partnerships. If you model your channel process effectively, those firms would respond and help you expand at zero marginal cost. It is weakness to be opening branches and running costs for most businesses now. The number of branches was a metric for the 20th century commerce across most sectors. Today, most businesses do not need to have any.


[The video, unfortunately, is in PartnerWorld member area, and not available to everyone].


Driving client value and growth together through transformation


Today, we are introducing the next phase of IBM’s ecosystem transformation. This evolution in our strategy represents a significant change in our engagement model that will make it easier and faster to deliver more value to our mutual clients so that together–you and IBM–remain competitive and grow.

We know you have choices. We have heard you tell us you need a vendor you can count on, one that helps you differentiate yourself to compete in a fast paced, ever changing marketplace with:

  • Partner ready, market leading offerings
  • Simple and predictable programs for greater profit potential
  • Rules of engagement you can trust

Today, we are announcing changes to our program that will:

  • Shift rewards from fulfillment to value, offering the highest potential earnings where Business Partners deliver the most value. For example, you’ll earn greater rewards for developing new clients, generating new opportunities, retaining clients through On-Time renewals, implementing high value solutions and/or delivering solutions as a service
  • Expand and simplify opportunities around SaaS including the ability to earn more throughout the life of a SaaS client engagement
  • Make it easier to adopt and embed IBM technology and develop solutions
  • Offer alternative routes to market through Third-Party Marketplaces
  • Provide a better end-to-end experience when working with IBM

This announcement represents an increased commitment to our partner ecosystem. We have carefully and thoughtfully designed these changes so that together we can win in today’s dynamic marketplace while setting the stage for future accelerated growth.

Please take a moment to view our video and webcasts to learn more.


John Teltsch
General Manager
Global Business Partners, IBM


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