For Kids, Khan Academy Is The Best Game In The World Right Now

For Kids, Khan Academy Is The Best Game In The World Right Now

For kids, the best game in the world right now is Khan Academy. We play it at home. Points accumulated from “playing” Khan Academy qualify to visit Dave & Buster’s, a video arcade. Dave & Buster’s is my preference because it offers immersion on 3D, VR, AR and emerging technology. Largely, it is a video game of practical science where you can spend mere $10 to experience some of the things not available in the iPhone!

You can decide to exchange the Khan Academy points for Disney if you prefer that.

I have modeled the exchange thus – 500 points earned on Khan Academy qualify for $10 redeemable at Dave & Buster’s. Khan Academy has levels which as you “play” you rack up points. More so, they have a well designed programing course.

Try it on your child, you will be surprised that solving mathematics or learning sciences becomes like gaming. How do I battle to reach level 12? The battle here is mastering algebra or understanding photosynthesis, and because they have used the same motivation typical in video games, the child will not even know he or she is learning addition and multiplication.

“In this program, if you make the stars fall, you get $20 for Dave & Buster’s”. Inspire them. Motivate them. And make science, technology and mathematics a way of life.


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