Forget About Forgetting – Lotaar Reminds You About Your TV and Radio Shows.


Simply, Lotaar is a TV/Radio guide for the web that notifies people when their favourite program is about to start. The cool aspect is that you can create remind in social networks like Facebook, Twitter and others.


The site seems neglected, but they have got some contents in their blog


First of all, I agree with people who say YouTube/DVR’s have changed the urgency of live TV programs. They are all completely correct. Program watching is no longer an either/or situation. If you miss it, you can watch it again. However I think the value of live TV goes beyond it being just live. Below are some assumptions on why live broadcasting is important


Some things are meant to be watched live: I say meant because the whole experience is in the live nature. An example I will give is when history is about to be made. No YouTube clip can replace the feeling of watching Obama take his oath of office. Although people knew they could always watch it later,  millions opted to watch it live. Take live sports as another example.  Can you compare watching the premier league recorded with watching it live? It can never be the same feeling. One last example is series in their current season (American idol, Lost, Eastenders, Xfactor etc) . Before you can say Twit.. or Facebo.. the spoilers will be hitting you left right and center. If you do not watch them live, you would have lost a lot of the entertainment value.


Participating in a broadcast: If you want to participate in a broadcast, you have no option that to watch it live. You cannot call in or ask your questions after it has aired.


Being in Sync: Seth Godin articulated something that has been missing in broadcasting since the rise of video on demand. He calls it The power of sync. Although he did not use broadcasting as an example, I believe it is very applicable. Think back to the days before video on demand when you were sure you were watching the same thing your friend was watching. You “ooohhed” and “ahhhhed” at the same time and traded comments back and forth with your land line. Even though it was not a live program like a football match, you had the similar experience because you were in sync. You see the power of sync happen on Twitter when programs like Music awards are being aired.



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