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AFA Sports Goes After Nike, Adidas in Nigeria

Move over Nike. Sorry Adidas. Welcome AFA - “the first active footwear designed and engineered in Nigeria”. The active wear shoes were designed to showcase the pride of Africa. The name “LIV (54)” represents the 54 countries on the African continent.

Napoleon Bonaparte said “Impossible is … found only in the dictionary of fools”; thrive AFA.

What does AFA Sport mean?: The name AFA Sports means “Africa for Africa” and represents a concept that highlights Africa’s sports development and National pride.

Why AFA Sports?: AFA sports was created as a sports merchandise brand for Africa to cater to grassroot sports that are neglected by the international brands who would rather not build from the ground up in an emerging market.

If AFA does a find job, then there's already a huge market waiting for it. We have plenty categories football clubs and fans, and other sports across Africa. It can also add a platform where users can design their own boots and submit for production, for a special price ofcourse.

Africa for Africa, it doesn't require plenty marketing, just do a fine job, and the glory is imminent.