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As Lome Port Overtakes Apapa Port

I give credit to Nnamdi on how he comes up with these insights. Yes, I didn't even know of these rivers because in my geography class, the physical & human geography book by Goh Leong was all America and nothing Nigeria and Africa!

"The Onitsha River Port which was built in 1983 by the President Shehu Shagari admin is a 1.2 million TEU port of destination that can clear goods from any part of the world, but the River will need to be dredged...

"Oseakwa in Anambra State and Osemoto in Imo State are the deepest natural harbors in Nigeria and can be developed to become free trade ports of destination for goods from around the world.

"Osemoto has one of the potentially deepest seaports and lies only 18 nautical miles to the Atlantic Ocean. If pursued and completed, Osemoto seaport has the potential capacity of handling over 30 percent of marine traffic in Nigeria.

"At Obuaku, Azumini, in Abia State, a free trade seaport can also be established there since it’s just a few miles to the Atlantic Ocean also". N. O.

I concur - Lome port overtook Apapa last year because Nigerian importers are diverting traffic to Lome, due to Apapa congestion, and in the process making Togo richer. Nigeria cannot be that wasteful - Apapa needs help!