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Build a Road to the Stream

In the ancient Igbo culture (Nigeria), dreaming about going to fetch water in a stream is considered a good thing. But dreaming about fetching firewood is a taboo. The road that leads to the stream is always maintained because people always have to use it. But the road that leads to firewood is often forgotten once the firewood is finished, and people move to the next farm.

So a dream about fetching water means a sustaining future, but one about fetching firewood implies dead-end will come one day.

The question is this: how do you make sure your Call remains a stream that flows in seasons and out of seasons? Once people come, you serve, and they return. Yes, cumulative addition because that is growth.

Even in your business, you must have that capacity to find and recruit people that can help you execute a great mission.

Authenticity, excellence and humility will take you far. Pursue them in 2019.