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Coding is the blue-collar job of the 21st century

Coding is the blue-collar job of the 21st century. Software is emerging as the gunpowder to win empires of the future. It would “eat”  and "save" the world provided hardware could cook the world for it.  So far #Africa remains hard to be cooked at scale, because the bolts and nuts are yet to be connected, and fastened, across industrial sectors and markets. See that as frictions, and that means opportunities! I am an #engineer, let's build at Tekedia Capital.


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Comment: Coding is actually a "high technical end" skill...

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If you listen to psychologists analyse humans, you will understand that actually only a low percentile of humans are able to perform analytical analysis.

Coding will never be a blue collar job because high end technical skills aren't blue collar.

My Response: If you use the latest Microsoft ecosystem, a HR, Admin staff, receptionist, etc can "code" their work flows and automate. Coding does not just mean java, python, c++, etc, it includes plug and play building blocks which can help automate processes.

No matter your career or function, if you want to thrive, you need to have the capacity to do that in the near future. You do not need to be a tech to code. The biggest coding is understanding the flow: the translation into commands is not “high end”.

How do you use a robot to operate on a human? The highest coder is the doctor who has to make what they clear before the engineer implements. The Wall Street trader needs to help the software engineer to write the codes. But what if the engineering block is available for that trader to do plug/play?

Rethink #coding

My further response: That it is on YouTube does not make it correct. Not sure the reason you shared a link/. To make a point? That is not required. In Tekedia Mini-MBA, we have a course from Microsoft which teaches every staff in a company on how to "code", yes automate your workflow. That task you do 20 times in a day, you can automate it by yourself - that is coding. All you need is to understand the workflow. Coding does not mean learning python, c++, etc. Those are languages. You can have a language built on blocks.

Comment: You need to listen to psychologists talk about IQ in relation to trade/job functions.

Research has gone into these things - "plug and play" can't be referred to as coding.

We can have moderately or high IQ people as HR or Admin staff which can learn or do coding but that doesn't mean that coding is for people whose IQ are typical for that role.

Yes implementing workflows can be called coding depending on the context but coding in itself must relate to automating processes and based on research, all humans can't code due to IQ distribution - This is a fact proven by psychologists.

By the way, Doctors, Engineers, STEM are typically high IQ people so, I am not sure that's a good example and if you notice, these professionals are few in comparison to others.

Comment:  That's Dr. Jordan Peterson. He's a clinical psychologist. I shared the video so you are get updated on the research by current educationists on the topic.

If you are teaching everybody in Tekedia Mini-MBA how to code and it is working, it just shows that your selection process involves getting people of high IQ - That sample size can't be applied to all.

The research shows that there's a minimum IQ required to be about to code or let's say implement a workflow automation process.

My Response: You are right. The video is right. But what I am trying to explain is this: if someone has IQ to understand what he/she does, with Microsoft Power BI or other solutions, that IQ is enough to automate that workflow. My point is that you do not need another higher IQ more than the one you are using to undertake that task.