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Congrats - He's Hired

A young man will be joining one of the largest corporations in the world tomorrow. He sent a note that he was able to develop and acquire more business capabilities just by reading my LinkedIn feeds and Tekedia. I know many have called Tekedia a domain of "nano-MBA".

"Different from the usual today, I want to share good news with you from my end.

I will be resuming [redacted] this coming Tuesday, October 2nd.

Thanks for being an inspiration of what human potential can achieve when given to the pursuit of knowledge."

I commend him as like many they return asking questions on some constructs I have written on. If you take some into interviews, you would do well. If you read some of the insights, you will explain things better to hiring managers.  The one on DStv gave someone a job because he was able to use the perspective to develop a better strategy.

Do not see it as a blog. It is making many better.

I congratulate him on his achievement. I would like to see more youngsters follow his footsteps. Unemployment is a serious issue in this world. We need to take steps to provide livelihood to million of people. Otherwise, there will be many cracks in the system of the world.