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Electric vehicles - 10% of global new cars sold in 2022

Despite Increase in Demand, Report Reveals Electric Vehicles as Most  Problematic in The Automotive Industry - Tekedia

The sale of EV (electric vehicles) is growing and a new age awaits: "Electric vehicles made up 10% of the total new cars sold globally in 2022, marking the highest percentage to date, a big milestone for the market. The growth was largely driven by markets in China and Europe. Worldwide, EV sales totaled 7.8 million units — a 68% uptick on the previous year, research from LMC Automotive and EV-Volumes.com shows. While Tesla leads globally as the most popular EV vehicle, EV sales still only make up "a fraction" of car sales in the U.S. The news comes as the traditional car market suffers amid supply chain snarls and lower sales due to inflation. According to the head of Volkswagen's AG China business, EV sales in the country could grow to the extent that sales of conventional vehicles begin to drop."