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Endorsements vs. Practical Demonstrations


I sent this to someone who asked for LinkedIn endorsement of skill areas (not Recommendation).  You may find it useful. I do delete endorsement on my profile whenever I make time.


Greetings - I always remove endorsements in my profile. Not sure anyone cares to check those. It is far more effective to write an article on one area of expertise than telling people to endorse one as a writer or an expert in that area. One is like holding a paper certificate, the other is demonstrating capability. Unlike in the era before Google, LinkedIn and Facebook, people could lie about their abilities, today lying is harder.

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Yes, if one is a writer but the LinkedIn profile has no single article, that makes it harder. This is a general feedback I give when people ask me to endorse them. Some are afraid to write on LinkedIn because of the venomous attacks from many. I do provide free web hosting to support such to have branded websites to possibly broadcast their skills to the world. Good luck