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Food, Farming and Climate Change

Factors that Encourage the Survival of Food Vendors in Nigeria - Tekedia

With Nigeria, Africa acclaimed Giant, forecasted to surpass the United State in terms of population with it constant exploding head-count, it is imperative to seek out all possible means to ensure that the needed infrastructure to enable productivity is available to ensure that Human resources- the Apex of creation, reaches both its physical and cognitive potentials.

For focus, this piece would be streamlined to its purpose, hence it would not be looking into the other factors that account for the growth of the Nation rather just-food. Food, which according to the Oxford Online Dictionary is defined as “any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink or that plants absorb to maintain life and growth”[1].

However the zeal to attain this lofty height, the Nation is sickened by many challenges, which have become hold hence impeding growth for the common good for all. Below is a list of the many problem facing the food policy and possible solution to aim it implementation:


Security threat and managerial flexibility: Because of the complex Structure of the Nation- its multi-ethnicity, even navigating well-familiarized terrains might become a task. Thus, a poorly thought out move could be very dangerous. Hence, operations must be flexible so that in the event of any form of danger, other means can be routed for safety. For example, the current Herdsmen’s attack in the nation could occur whilst farmers are in operation in their respective point of duty, and in such case, regardless of how it may occur, damages would be reduced if there is flexibility in plan and proper communication amongst workers.



Damaged Institution, System Overhaul and Capacity building: A key challenge all SMEs face is the fear of a takeover by big a firm. And since the aim of this service is profitability, farmers are left with a huge burden, since the sector capital is intensive. Thus, the building up of globally relevant institution is the way forward as this one would be responsible for giving quality training to personnel in need as that, in turn, would make them innovative in solving pressing demand. With innovation, they could like Bolang Norman, the plant scientist whose semi-dwarfed wheat made a fool of Paul Erlich prediction in his best-seller book, “The population bomb”.


Furthermore, the beauty of innovation would be revealed if these locals when well-educated into thinking deep. As they would have a leverage against the big firms as they can now generate good funding from the patency of their intellectual property hence have the needed cash to push their work further, which in turn uplift the nation and increase yield, whilst keeping the environment in a net-zero greenhouse state.


Hence, this would be the coming together of global practice, local experience, public and private fund for the benefit of all.


Damaged Infrastructure, Build them: In the Nigerian context of the food system chain, a very large portion of food wastes could account for the feeding of a sizeable amount of people in the Nation. This although unintended is a product damage infrastructure, from bad logistics network to an unprofitable power supply for preservation, the list is a matter of concern. Aside from the hike in the price of food, there is damage to climate because of the gases which are added from this waste. To solve, there is a need to erect facilities that preserve- to extend the lifespan of these goods- transport them to their desired location in needed time.


Furthermore, yields can be improved with better infrastructure. For example, Animals such as Cow are said to be the worst emitter of methane, when compared to their counterpart in North and Southern America because of the standard of living.


Noise verses Action-Prioritize Resilience: It’s no point picking the least problem, solving it all for the sake of clout- media attention. Nations must go all way to solving all the pressing challenges within their possible best to ensure that the Nation is safe and sound for operation




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