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Looking at this chart, you can see why GDP is suboptimal in helping to ascertain the effectiveness of our leaders. Obasanjo could have averaged 80% on  “National Confidence”. Contrast that with what we have today, you will agree that GDP is severely limited. Under OBJ, banks used stadiums to do recruitment exams. Yes, Tafawa Balewa Square became a home for bank entrance tests. The telcos were hiring. Jobs were everywhere and confidence was high. Today, Nigeria cannot keep up with demand for passports, as the Great Escape continues!

It is happening because our past leaders failed to plan.

Numbers matters but not in our dear country.

The birth register should already be informing some important decisions at the apex level.

I believe then in the era of Obansajo and co , the data would have predicted our current economic mess but the Messiah—oil money was still around, so we didn't plan

With professors of economics and great men at the helm of affairs, I sometimes wonder if indeed there's a 'devil' making bad decisions for our leaders.


Yes indeed, we need to start planning so that the future generation will not blame us.