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Hacking Growth - Balance between Quantity and Quality

In a piece, I had noted that Luke Wroblewski, a Google Product Manager, "advised [Nigerian] startups to stake a balance between quantity and quality to create a lasting solution."

Absolutely, because in Dec 2017, I discussed the concept of a product Minimum Viable Quality (MVQ). In that piece, I explained that "there is an illusion on quality" .

Simply, there is value in quality. There is also value in quantity. Managing the interface is extremely catalytic to success as an entrepreneur. You want to sell many electric bulbs. If you make a really good one that goes for $1000 in Lagos, I am not sure anyone will remember you. But if you make one that goes for $2 and sell many of them, you could find alpha. Yet, that does not mean that you should not offer quality. The point is that quality must be bounded by price to have quantity. Glory comes via quantity especially if you are a web entrepreneur. That is the key point from Luke.

It reinforces the saying that a solution that is not affordable is no solution. To achieve that necessary balance between quality and quantity demands high level of awareness, else you are forgotten.

Moderation is key, so that one doesn't get fixated with quantity, and ends producing unusable products, or get fixated with quality and comes up with unaffordable ones. Now, seeing alpha lies somewhere in between those extremes; other things being equal ofcourse.