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Jobs. Jobs. Jobs - Changing in Form and Nature

Vodafone Announces Plans to Eliminate 11,000 Jobs as Part of an Effort to Make The Company Simpler

Jobs. Jobs. Jobs. I wrote it three times. The form and nature will change over the next five years.  No matter what you do, note this: every job will never be the same again as they soup companies with the spices of AI and robotics.

But the irony is that winning in the AI age as a worker may not really be about whole AI, but getting better in things which make us more efficient workers, and those include “analytical judgment, ability to work flexibly, emotional intelligence, creative evaluation, tenacity and curiosity” as I noted here .

Simply, we must not fear AI; we just have to find a way to boss or manage it with superior skills. Invest to acquire those skills. We can overcome news like the "Telecommunications giant company Vodafone has revealed plans to eliminate 11,000 jobs from its workforce in the next three years to make the company simpler and better."

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Comment 1: Once a company is underperforming, the next thing is layoff. Does underperformance always equate over staffing? Bad business is bad business, but since announcing layoffs improves stock numbers, the top guys keep playing the card.

Yea, sack people 11, 000 people, save €100 million, and then plough it in marketing, and you live happily ever after. What an ingenious idea, almost celestial and spellbinding! This scam will soon get obsolete, and it will only attract a yawn when next it's deployed.

A failing business needs a deeper diagnosis, if you don't find out why you are not winning more market share, then sacking everyone in sight will not still do the trick.

AI didn't sack or displace any employee, rather it's the incompetence of those who think too much of themselves that is destroying people's careers and livelihoods. A mediocre remains a mediocre, even with the help of machines.