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Kano, the center of commerce, welcomes the ace-trader

Kano, the center of commerce, welcomes the ace-trader and the connection is very natural.  I commend all Nigerian citizens for the civility and maturity most have shown in this electoral season.  Buhari for whatever instructions he left with the law enforcements for this OPEN system deserves some commendations.

I have not been writing about this election because to a large extent, except for the vitriols on TV, most things have been done fairly decently. (Sure, the demons of insecurity come to wax stronger. But those cannot be wholly linked to the elections.)

This is the conclusion: this election is #open because Obi can pull voters  in Kano just like Atiku or Tinubu. A Tinubu campaign rally in a Southeast capital was so well attended that many would wonder how come. I saw Atiku’s crowd in Ekiti and it was huge. Indeed, all these players are drawing voters.

With the turnout we are seeing with Kwankwaso in the northwest, I ask constitutional lawyers to open their books on a potential run-off as it is looking like we may not have a clear winner next month. This is open.

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