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Mastering Nigerian Business Greetings

Greetings save empires from ruins in many African traditions. In Igboland, kola nut is a symbol of hospitality to guests. In business, mastering the art of greeting is key. In big books, they call it interpersonal skill. If you check well, you would learn that most Nigerian bank CEOs and EDs are master-greeters.

I mean, they are natural in using greetings to bond and rig minds of customers. These guys are extremely engaging. They make you feel important, at least while in their domains. That is partly why they are on those seats. As you pursue state governments, if you do not master how to greet politicians, reminding them on how they saved the seas from the oceans, your letters would not pass the Chief of Staff desk.

Forget what the English professor told you on how to write business letter. If you follow that format, most politicians would think you are not serious. They want to be addressed in big ways.