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Nigeria bans Twitter

When Twitter announced Ghana, A West African state, as their choice of base for operation in the continent, users of the social app in Nigeria, Africa acclaimed giant, was angry, as the nation housed the most activate users of which various trend originates with the intention to catch cruise, as a means of venting anger, escaping unpleasant thought, tension and incident that are caused by various factor especially bad leadership- like the stories of monkey, snakes taking money.

However, firms with the intention for profitability take business decision not on sentiment, but, on the grounds of well analyzed data, and Nigeria falls short on all metrics for foreign investment- especially political instability. It is worth nothing that, Ghana is ranked 13 places higher than Nigeria in the World Bank's ease of doing business index. Also, Ghana also ranked as the 43rd most peaceful country in the world, in the 2020 Global Peace Index, placing 104 spots ahead of Nigeria.

On Twitter, I wrote many, but below is one explaining the fate of Nigeria written on 8th May, 2021; “So, as mass consumers of technology, it's imperative that we start looking beyond our current oil, and start figuring out ways that makes us attractive to the global community, if not Twitter boycotting us would be the least shame we would be experiencing.”


Today, it made news that Nigeria suspended the social media, this incident comes after the brand took down a tweet which disturbs National peace violating her policy. This indeed validates Twitter decision.

This decision doesn't go without implication as it shows to the global community how leadership here could be senseless- the President igniting hate via his speech. This would further dip the number of firms setting up base here, as many would hold unto past action labelling the Nation unstable, and unfit for business- A big dent to a Nation seeking FDIs.


This is an own goal for Team Nigeria. Hope they change this narrative.

One that would take a lot of good work to undo