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Nigerian Senate Suspends 5G, Booking Slumped 90%

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According to Wakanow, the online travel agency in Nigeria, booking slumped by 90% last month relative to March. And March’s volume dropped by more than 50% when compared to the average of previous months. Also, going forward, from airlines to bus sharing, many customers around the world may be paying more for the opportunity cost of lost revenue by operators. Yes, if the seats around you have to be empty due to social distancing, you have to pay for them!

And the biggest one: The Nigerian Senate suspends 5G roll out in Nigeria until further notice, due to health related concerns. Read full details here.

I don't know if Nigeria was even queuing up to deploy 5G, and if yes, what technology or equipment could the Nigerian Senate or any federal agency deploy, to ascertain the 'safety' or otherwise of 5G, if the big nations proclaim it to be safe?

It's one of those adventures you very well knew that you are incapable of venturing into, but since you have a handful of people urging you to do something, or telling you, 'don't keep quiet'; so you decided to raise hand and shake body small.

My only problem here is that we don't have money to waste on fruitless 'investigation', so it could be wise to just play 'wait and see', once 5G is working well in big nations, then we can dream of having it here; let's not pretend as though the capital for its deployment is already cooling off in the vaults of telcos operating here.

Nigeria and shadow chasing...