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On UK Vaccine Insult, Nigeria Needs To Work

UK Excluding Nigeria from List of Countries with Vaccine Certificate is Discriminatory

Nigeria cannot just get a break from these countries. You tell us to buy vaccines...from you. We buy and administer. Now, you do not recognize that process. Yes, the "United Kingdom has omitted Nigeria from its list of countries with valid COVID-19 vaccine certificates...he decision means fully vaccinated Nigerians travelling to the UK will still get some of the treatments reserved for the unvaccinated, among them, observing the required 10 days isolation on arrival in the country."

Nigeria put itself in this position. Prof Njoku Obi as far back as 1970 invented the cholera vaccine which was later used to stop the Kano cholera outbreak. I mean Nigerian experts used to play in this league, big time.

I do not know where to stop but if you check, respect comes when you fix your house. China got its own vaccines. Russia did. Imagine if Nigeria has got its own...these endless insults would fade. This nation needs to start working again!