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OPay Adds OCar As Part of Double Play

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OPay has launched OCar, to take up Uber and Bolt in Nigeria, TC Daily reports. Do not think OPay is into this for rides. No, it is into it for the transaction volumes to use OCar to deepen the double play which OPay has been executing in Nigeria since it launched in the nation. With ORide, OBus, etc, OPay is building feeders into OPay as it works to create a dominant fintech company in Nigeria.

Chinese-backed OPay has launched its own cab-hailing service, OCar, in Nigeria, a market dominated by Uber and Taxify. The launch happened just a day after the fintech startup announced its record $100 million Series B funding round. The service will be available in Lagos, Owerri, Port Harcourt, Abuja and Benin. OCar is the company’s latest vertical in an ecosystem that already includes offerings for food (OFood), bike-hailing (ORide) etc.