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Photo of the Week from Ghana

It is hard over there for our teachers in Africa. A teacher in Ghana has to draw a word processing window on blackboard to teach his students. I commend this teacher and I would be happy to send his class a laptop if anyone knows him [Possibly the kids would see how a real Word Processing Window looks]. He is genuinely built to teach for investing such an effort for something that may be wiped out after 3 hours since he would need the same board for other things.

School children in rural Ghana and some deprived parts of that country continue to receive basic ICT education mainly from sketches on chalkboards and other form of ingenious means deployed by their benevolent teachers...A recent picture taken of a teacher using a sketched Microsoft Word Processing Window on a chalkboard to teach his pupils ICT lesson which has gone viral on various social media platforms in Ghana does not only confirms the challenges these teachers goes through due to the lack of available ICT tools but also paints a gloomy picture of how millions of school children in rural and deprived areas in Ghana are been denied access to quality ICT education at a very crucial stage of their lives.

ICT in Africa cannot evolve unless the next generation is prepared for it.


World of wonders! Such a teacher with gracious and benevolent heart. Certainly not many teachers would go to this length, just to ensure that his students got a 'feel' of the real thing. God bless his soul!

While we are at it, we still got lots of African children learning under the trees, some don't even have teachers to pass the knowledge to them. A good education is still a privilege in this part of the world; so much work to be done.

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I had similar experience. We had aptitude test in JSS3 to determine whether one should go to science, art or commercial class. My result said I should go to science class which I did but could not last a year.

Reason being that laboratory equipment are drawn on blackboard. How was I suppose to learn the practical aspect. I went to art class and excelled.

African leaders prefer to buy expensive gadgets and cars for the ruling cabals. Prof, I will support you with some gifts when you find this teacher as he is a rare gem.