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The Gang Against China on Minerals

EU Unveils Plan to Have 20% Semiconductor Production by 2030 - Tekedia

They want to cut-out China but it may be challenging; "Canada and the European Union launched a new partnership to secure supply chains for critical minerals and reduce dependence on China in a push for jobs and to counter climate change."

“With EU partners, we talked about what we can do to build a cleaner economy for years to come,” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told reporters on Tuesday after meeting with EU chiefs in Brussels. “To begin with, in order to continue creating good, green jobs for the middle class, we must secure supply chains for critical minerals and metals that are essential for things like electric car batteries.”

This morning, I was listening on Bloomberg to the Head of Trade and Commerce, Gina Raimondo, in a repeat broadcast with David Westin speak in diplomatic styles on the case of China, and her talk clearly indicated that the matter was a complex one- balancing the fight for the America people in terms of jobs (JOB SHARING could be deceptive), and keeping their export rolling into that region.


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On complex, I mean one with a personal history of pain- I just gathered data and found out a key incident; Gina’s dad who died in 2014 at the age of 87, lost his job at a watch factory because operation were moved to China, so this could have out-burst of emotional decision since for her survival in Harvard (1989- 1993) she had to be a staff with Harvard Crimson and entered Oxford for M.Sc. on Rhodes Scholarship- much hard work!


If I am to advise her I would say her access to power in a time like this, she needs wisdom to lead, and aside from knowing that if she goes too sharp, or hard they would lose, also, there would be no export to China if there was no buying power there and ultimately, it is the rise of all.


Bringing it home, that is good for us here, as there are lesson to learn- become so valuable that those who formerly humiliated (China) you have hard choice(US).