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The Lessons from Imo

Congratulations Emeka Ihedioha of Imo State – finally!

I learnt this prayer in secondary school in the Scripture Union: ‘Father, as you send your angels to bless boys and girls, remember me. In the deepest of the night and sunniest of the day, my hands are raised up for them to find me. Your grace, the amazing grace and the abiding grace will qualify me for those blessings”. Then, with confidence, one would enter halls to write exams, believing that grace will abound!

When I look at Imo state governorship election, that prayer comes handy. Former deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, Emeka Ihedioha, who won under PDP, had no chance if current governor Rochas Okoracha had not fielded his son-in-law.

PDP (Ihedioha) - 273,404

Action Alliance ( Nwosu,  Rochas’ in law) -  190,364

APC (Uzodinma)  - 96,458.

Certainly, Rochas is APC in Imo State – he writes the cheques. And if he had stayed and supported Hope Uzodinma, merely looking at the numbers, APC could have won. That he marshaled 190k votes for Nwosu is huge.

Then the lesson: Ihedioha received his blessing as divide-and-conquer destroyed APC. The best battle experience is to watch your enemies destroy themselves!

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