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The Looming 2035 Africa's Crises

I got many comments on my piece on how to fix the herdsmen issues in Nigeria. Very great points. I have taken today to share some insights and perspectives on how this problem could be fixed.

This one is to the whole African continent: what is happening in northern Nigeria could happen in the whole continent. I have made the case that in near future they would displace rubber, cotton and other commodities with nano-equivalents in labs in America and other nations. Farmers that depend on growing and selling these commodities would see severe dislocations. It would be massive. I expect around 2035 for that to begin to happen. In short, it could lead to wars.

The herdsmen crisis in Nigeria was long predicted. Simply, if deforestation continues to happen in northern Nigeria, a time would come when cattle would not find pasture in the north. And if government does not help them to re-adjust, they would move southward. Of course, no one knew they would buy guns in this movement. At their level, moving southward was the only option as I noted. Staying in Northern Nigeria has one outcome: all the animals would die of hunger.

Finally, this is also not about Nigerian president Buhari. The failure in leadership happened 10-15 years ago when they could have modeled the scenarios better. Politicians stole the money designed for the afforestation of the north. As the desertification expands, more problems would happen.

The issues have been well diagnosed and dissected, we now want to see clear ACTION plan.

Can Zenvus help the government with their afforestation effort if any?

Shoot them a proposal na.

Yes, Zenvus is designed for conservation of water in farming. There are many elements on that. Please contact tekedia@fasmicro.com if you want to work with us on this and you have contacts. We are very interested.