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What is your Covid-19 vaccination status?

Public Distrust In Nigeria, Covid-19, And The Gap In Policy Implementation  - Tekedia

It is looking like even to get a job, one needs to show evidence of vaccination. Yes, if returning back to work requires vaccination, those starting job certainly need jabs: "All Morgan Stanley staff who do not have their COVID-19 vaccinations, as well as clients, were told by the company they would not be allowed back in the New York City and Westchester County offices, reports CNBC. The banking giant expects most employees to return to the office beginning July 12.

"The announcement means that those working from the office will be able to do so without wearing masks or following physical distance rules, while those who are not vaccinated will need to continue working remotely. The issue of mandating vaccinations for employees has become a much debated one across the U.S.; Morgan Stanley follows Blackstone and Goldman Sachs in asking employees for their vaccination status."