Fuelfact is bringing fueling stations to the digital age in Nigeria

Fuelfact is bringing fueling stations to the digital age in Nigeria

Fuelfact is bringing fueling (filing) stations to the digital age by digitizing every aspect of the operations, from depot to trucks to storage tanks to dispensing pumps. If you give us the opportunity, we will install our devices, made in Nigeria, and through them, your operations will come to the 21st century. We’re talking of absolute transparency and visibility with no revenue leakage.

Fuelfact with FuelPay is an innovation leader, you will be sure that you have the best.

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Uncommon Transparency

You can be anywhere and right on your phone or laptop, you can see the quantity of petrol, diesel, etc in your storage tanks, trucks on the road, and amount sold, and total money received in real time. Tekedia Capital portfolio startup, Fuelfact, does not just track the trucks, it tracks the liquid content in the trucks.  We have made fuel diversion history for our customers!

Through another Tekedia Capital portfolio startup, Tradegrid, we also help managers of stations to handle trading: “Run your trading operations with ease. Either as a Trader re-stocking or as a company procuring, the Product Leasing programme (PLP) is a uniquely structured Buy-Now,Pay-Later offering enabling efficient bulk and retail trading. TradeGrid supports a wide network of independent dealers across a fast-growing number of African countries, providing B2B e-commerce, Logistics and Financing solutions.” Download brochure here https://thetradegrid.com/assets/images/TRADEGRIDPLP.pdf

(this startup recorded 9,777% YoY GMV Growth in 2022)

Contact Tekedia Capital and get help on that fueling station in Nigeria; we have the best end-to-end downstream digitization product for your station in the nation. Our team is waiting and they will connect you with our startups https://capital.tekedia.com/contacts/

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