Is The Galaxy S2 The Coolest Phone?

So what makes a cool phone? Well looking at the Samsung Galaxy S2 we can be assured those with geeky bones in their body will be happy to say it is cool, as is evidenced by more than 3 million people already picking up Samsung Galaxy S2 deals. So what are the coolest things about the Samsung Galaxy S2?



  • Body


Though the phone is not anything extraordinary in the way it looks, it is amazingly slim and looks great because of this. This also leads to it feeling excellent in the hand and for users to have a smug satisfaction knowing it is thinner than the iPhone 4.


It is also quite attractive and it’s very impressive when you consider the power available in the phone and then compare it to its size.


  • ARM Chip

Geeks will be delighted also knowing the phone has one of the most powerful chips that is available on the current market, a 1.2GHz dual core chip. This processor, made by ARM, is a very fast one. It can play anything you can think of in the current generation of Android devices on numerous screens simultaneously and not even blink. This excellent pace is something that sets it apart from the rest and aside from its functionality is something that can be boasted about.


  • Super AMOLED Plus

Quite a mouthful we know, though it is splendid enough to deserve such a long tongued uttering. The device is nothing but average if it weren’t for this amazing screen. It is a 480x800p screen – not top of the range in the resolution stakes – however it has amazing colours and contrasts in all lights – something most phones can’t even near claim.


  • Google Android Gingerbread

Gingerbread is the version of the operating system that is used on the S2 and to be honest this is a great user interface. We found ourselves questioning anything in the Android 2.2 and below or equivalent range after we saw how smooth and how innovative the Android operating system was. Teamed up with Samsung’s own TouchWiz interface this is excellent.


  • Camera

These four factors combine to make the Samsung a great camera device and its 8mega pixel offering is wonderful in all lights for taking and also thanks to its screen displaying photos. It can also take a very impressive full HD 1080P resolution video footage. This all means it is altogether a great device for those with a tendency to shoot from the hip.


At present, the Galaxy S2 is putting all other smartphones to shame and more people are picking up the new Samsung phone than an iPhone 4 contract, with the Galaxy being the first phone to knock the Apple flagship from the top selling spot in many countries.

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