Fuel Stations Are Using AI To Set Prices

Fuel Stations Are Using AI To Set Prices

This is the roundup of today’s major global news.

Gas stations are using AI to set prices. The algorithms are testing textbook theories (paywall) of competition.

A tunnel filled with nuclear waste collapsed in Washington state. The US Department of Energy declared an emergency after a tunnel collapsed at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, home to 53 million gallons (200 million liters) of radioactive waste. Officials said no workers were exposed or airborne emissions detected, but robots were deployed to take more air samples.

Energy consumption has been transformed by the humble lightbulb. Efficient LED bulbs have dramatically reduced electricity consumption.

We have a chip for that. Nvidia reported a lot more profit than Wall Street expected for the first quarter, as graphics chip sales surged for gaming PCs and more data centers opted to install GPUs for AI and machine learning tasks. At the other end of the spectrum, Yelp shocked investors with a lower revenue outlook, as local advertisers have been dropping the popular restaurant review app.

We got you covered. Uber is testing a program in eight states, including Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, to pay drivers five cents more per mile to incentivize joining an insurance program covering drivers and passengers that costs 3.75 cents per mile.

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